About Us

Ripe Rite is continuing the tradition of Banana-Rite which was founded in 1981 by Fred Clarke, father of the current Managing Director, Paul. Paul and his wife, Diana run the company from their premises in Shropshire, England.

We are changing the name because although the Banana-Rite name has served us well we feel we need a name that more reflects all the other produce the system can be used for rather than a name that implies the product can be used for bananas only.

Catalytic Generators revolutionized the fruit ripening industry when they invented a system that creates ethylene in ripening rooms. Almost 40 years ago, they gave fresh produce companies the ability to make their own ethylene for fruit ripening. No longer do ripeners have to use dangerous ethylene application systems, because their system, consisting of a Catalytic Generator and Ethy-Gen® II Concentrate, make it much easier and safer to apply ethylene. Their process quickly and safely produces small, controlled amounts of ethylene, and when used as directed, cannot create explosive amounts of ethylene. That is why so many ripeners use their systems. 

Please see here for a brief history of the catalytic generator.\r\n\r\nThe system, which was originally developed by Catalytic Generators USA in 1973 was originally imported into the UK in 1981, it has been operating commercially for more than thirty years in the UK and has already been exported to Europe, Switzerland, Denmark and India to name but a few. The Catalytic Generator system was also used by a prominent potato supplier for tests on anti sprouting control with onions and potatoes during the storage with great success. Service is the key in the fresh produce industry and the company still operates to the same high standards that it did when it was established more than thirty years ago. Ripe Rite supplies generators and consumables to the major players in the fresh produce industry and currently has customers in more than a dozen countries. The equipment and fuel, Ethy-Gen®II Concentrate is produced in the U.S. by Catalytic Generators LLC and shipped to the U.K. by sea. The strong bond between Ripe Rite and Catalytic Generators LLC ensures that Ripe Rite can continue to give excellent service and technical backup to their customers.