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We can supply ethylene generators for use with a range of tropical and temperate fruits. Naturally, we supply the fuel for those generators, EthygenII as well. We also carry a range of testing equipment which includes electronic thermometers and gas sampling pumps.

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For more than a quarter of a century, Ripe Rite Ltd have been supplying ethylene generating equipment to the fresh produce industry.

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Our customer support section contains downloadable documents relating to our products. Safety data sheets, generator information and some FAQs on generators and ethylene can all be found here.

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Ethygen II

Catalytic Generators revolutionised the fruit ripening industry when they invented a system that creates ethylene in ripening rooms.

40 years ago Catalytic Generators gave fresh produce companies the ability to make their own ethylene for fruit ripening.  No longer do ripeners have to use dangerous ethylene application systems, because their system, consisting of a Catalytic Generator and Ethy-Gen® II Concentrate, makes it much easier and safer to apply ethylene.  The process quickly and safely produces small, controlled amounts of ethylene, and when used as directed, cannot create explosive amounts of ethylene. That is why so many ripeners use our systems.